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What is the Boomerang Rewards Program?

The Boomerang Rewards Card fundraising program is the future of where fundraising is headed today. Our program aims to change the way organizations such as non-profits, fraternal clubs, athletic booster clubs, fire fighters, schools, PTAs, religious organizations and many more, raise money to produce a WIN-WIN-WIN-scenario for all entities involved – The Fundraising Organization; The Organization's Supporters; and the Merchants who support the Organization. The program works when merchants log a sequential batch of rewards cards to a specific organization for the purposes of recording a donation back to that organization after every sale. Cardholders simply need to present their card at checkout to get credit for the organization they support, PLUS earn valuable cash back points/rewards for them. Most merchants donate back a significant amount, between 10% and 15%, on average, that can add up fast to fund local organizations. The many organizations who participate in the Boomerang Rewards Card program use our unique Loyalty Card Reward program to raise money for their organization YEAR ROUND. Organizations can raise from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month!!!!
Helping many organizations meet their financial needs is our goal, and we hope your organization is next to LAUNCH A BOOMERANG!!!

The program is WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved!!!

Let’s take a look at the benefits from each party’s perspective…

Donations COMES BACK to Organizations

Do Your Fundraising Efforts Have You at a Point of No RETURNS?!
Our program gives organizations BACK the opportunity to concentrate more on those they help & serve, rather than having to concern themselves with constant fundraising.

The Participating Organization:

Organizations realize tremendous benefits. First, there is minimal selling required. Your organization distributes cards to sell for your targeted price, loaded with value and offers from merchants to help the organization generate excitement and trigger the initial visit. One or Two Weeks worth of work and your organization is pretty much done! Secondly, the fundraiser is not a one-time thing, or one-day event. It runs every day continuously throughout the year. No restrictions. No blackout dates. Furthermore, all donations generated by members can be audited by organization leaders and administrators through the monthly statement that comes. This accountability and transparency ensures donations received by merchants are accurate to the penny. Consumers are already visiting local businesses anyway, so why not invest a little time to promote a program that tracks member spending at your favorite store(s) and restaurant(s)?!

Rewards COME BACK to Supporters

Register & activate your card & start earning rewards. It's quick and easy. When you swipe your Boomerang Rewards Card at a local participating merchant, you earn rewards, and so does the Organization you support.

Your Supporter - The Cardholders:

What a great feeling for each cardholder who supports your organization. With every swipe of the Your Organizational-Branded Boomerang Rewards Card, not only can they receive back rewards, they trigger a donation to your organization at the same time. Instead of kids selling candy bars in front of grocery stores, getting sunburned washing cars, or dressing up as crazy characters dancing with signs, we now have a much better solution. Simply visit business owners (and encourage others to do the same) who have agreed to support your organization with every transaction, it’s that simple. The cardholder receives a special thank you note, recognition for their visit, and a reward to keep them coming back. All of this occurs by simply doing what they have already been doing for years, visiting local businesses. It’s that easy, it’s that powerful and it’s about time.

Customers COME BACK to Businesses

Any business who wishes to participate in the Boomerang Rewards Card program will not only benefit their own business, but will be able to give BACK to an organization in a simple way.

The Business Owner:

You may be thinking, with all the benefits of above, the poor business owner must be the one losing out. In actuality, the BIGGEST WINNER is the business owner! How can this be? The answer is simple and long overdue. Instead of the business owner spending thousands of dollars on newspapers, radio, TV, coupons, and all the other traditional advertising which is very expensive, difficult to track and often yields poor results, our fundraising program sets them free from this merry-go-round of advertising waste. Instead, the business owner rewards customers and funds local organizations. The money gets redirected inside schools, churches, little leagues etc. that in turn support the businesses in mass. Why has a program like this not existed for decades? Well, technology is one answer, but we don’t need to second guess ourselves. The time is here and the time is now! Business owners can now make a real difference in their community while lifting the bottom line at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It’s a loyalty rewards card that encourages local shopping to help the organization you support.
Other than what you intially paid for the card, there are no continuing fees incurred to you for the ownership, use, and maintenance of the card.
You will want to register your card to ensure you get the reward credits owed to you, and also to be notified of special offers participating merchants are running. Also, if you ever lose your Boomerang Rewards card, you won’t lose your rewards.
No. We respect your privacy (see privacy policy). You will receive one email per month to notify you of new offers from participating merchants.
See the Participating Merchants tab or look for a sticker similar to this in local businesses:
Each merchant determines what percentage they want to contribute to the Boomerang Rewards Card Program. But for example, if a merchant offers a 15% Community Reward to be split 5%/10% between the Cardholder and the Organization, on a $10 purchase you’d get $0.50 put on your Rewards card to spend another time at that merchant, and the merchant contributes the other $1.00 to a fund that goes towards the organization you support. That’s how everybody wins with the Boomerang Rewards Card!

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